Kat O'Brien
ceramic sculpture, tiles, installation art, public art, wood sculpture, sculpture parks

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March 19, 2010 to April 19, 2010

In partnership with the Tile Heritage Foundation, PMG hosts an exhibition of tile and mosaic artworks. The exhibition is inspired by the rich history of tile and mosaic art in the Philadelphia area over the past 100 years.Tell-Tale Tiles & Fractured Fantasies explores contemporary tile making and ceramic mosaic as a story-telling medium in the spirit of artists Henry Chapman Mercer and Isaiah Zagar. The narrative tiles include social, political, personal, and family stories. Renowned ceramicist and art historian Susan Tunick selected the works for the exhibition, including "Earth center" by Kat O'Brien.

Held in the context of Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, the exhibition is a good venue for tile and mosaic artists to make powerful and socially meaningful statements.

Calendar of events during Tell-Tale Tiles & Fractured Fantasies:

Wednesday-Saturday, March 31-April 5: NCECA conference, PA Convention Center

Saturday, April 24-April 25 from 9:00am to 4:00pm: Public Mosaic Mural Workshop with founding artist, Isaiah Zagar

"This so-called 'literary' side of the craft, this storytelling... has been my primary impulse or inspiration... But if tiles could tell no story, inspire or teach nobody, and only serve to produce aesthetic thrills, I would have stopped making them long ago."
-Henry Chapman Mercer