Kat O'Brien
ceramic sculpture, tiles, installation art, public art, wood sculpture, sculpture parks

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(posted on 10 Oct 2011)

bookMARKs exhibition is held in conjunction with the Society for Photographic Education's Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions' 2011 Conference, hosted by Light Work and Syracuse University. The conference dates are November 3-5, 2011 and encompass a full slate of programming including lectures, panel discussions, portfolios reviews and exhibitions. This unique exhibition is installed in Light Work's Robert B. Menschel Photography Gallery, Syracuse University. Photobooks by members of the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) and alumni and affiliates of the New York Foundation for the Arts MARK program.

Kat O'Brien: My Dance with John, a book of changes, a work in process is a book that details O'Brien's work on 9 ceramic sculptures to mark the 100th birthday of her father John F. Moore, founder and Co-Chair (with dancer Martha Hill) of the first American Dance Festival, in 1948. John's work with the ADF evolved over 6 years through his directing of courses, programs and performances for Connecticut College's Summer Sessions and School of the Arts. The School of the Dance opened on July 13, his daughter was born on July 15 and he died on October 14, 1948. Both the ADF and Kat completed their 64th summer season in 2011.

The exhibition opening: John's 100th birthday - November 5, 1:30-3:30 at Syracuse University, where John received his MA in English (1934) and met his wife, Mary Esther O'Brien Moore. Thanks to Griffis Art Center and Connecticut College (New London, CT) and Carlos Loret de Molo, bookMARKs/Syracuse University (Hudson/Syracuse, NY) for assistance on this project.